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Buying a New House: The Pros and Cons

Most home buyers prefer to purchase a newly-constructed home over existing properties. There are many advantages in becoming the first settler in your new house. You can ask your Calgary home builder to help you in scouting the perfect home for you and your family.

The Advantages

Once you’ve chosen your dream home, you can ask your contractor to help you customize the design and layout of the house. You can start adding your personal style to improve the aesthetic design to your liking. You can select the materials that will go with your flooring or cabinets. It’s like dressing up your house with final touches.

The great thing is you can modify and add extra appliances or materials during the final stages of the construction process. Basically, you can create the look of your house based on your preference.

Majority of newly constructed houses feature a modern design and layout. This means larger rooms and an open floor layout. New houses are designed to maximize the space.

Calgary home builder like many other contractors, use low maintenance materials in the exteriors, windows, and railings. There are many new and innovative materials that many manufactures incorporate in their products to produce better results. Construction materials are now more energy efficient that help minimize your electrical bill.

Since all your appliances are brand new, you can save a few bucks from lower charges in your utility. You will also have low maintenance costs and less repairs. New homes even come with a warranty up to 10 years.

The Disadvantages

Developers and contractors usually set a fixed price with little room for negotiation. If you plan to sell your house in the future, you may find yourself competing with the developer. Most homeowners end up selling their property at a lower cost compared to the original value of their home.

New homes usually have smaller lots compared to other existing houses. The developer usually maximizes the land area which sometimes limits the outdoor living space. Some developers construct the houses closely side by side with their neighbors.

When modifying your home, you will be limited to the space of your lot. In case you want to design a nice and huge porch, you can only work within the perimeters of your land area as well as the restriction of your residential neighborhood. The construction period may sometimes take years before it can actually be made available to buyers.

When it comes to the location of the house, your choices may be limited to specific regions. Most underdeveloped land area are located far from the city proper. These are where most residential units are built. They may cost less compared to city houses but the convenience and proximity prove to be a challenge for most homeowners.

Customizing your house may be beneficial but it also poses a disadvantage. The more you upgrade and modify the design of your house, the more you spend. You need to set a specific budget for home improvements. Otherwise, you may find yourself overspending.


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