Why We Chose to Live in Canada
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Why We Chose to Live in Canada

Why We Chose to Live in Canada

Moving to a foreign land is a big deal, having to change citizenship is even a bigger deal. But there was something about canada that made it easier for me and my family to embrace the culture and be hooked up with the country. I was not aware of these small facts and reasons, but after years of living here, I was able to create a list on why we chose to stay.

  1. Because everything is affordable.

When we say affordable, it does not mean prices are cheap or in surplus; everything seems affordable because there are less expenses to pay. A home mortgage is generally cheaper, clothing, beauty products, and even food is much more affordable. I did not have to work overtime and save every single penny as I did before. The job pays for more than what I need and I can afford to treat my family out  once in a while.

  1. Because there is balance.

Canada has the best of both worlds: the urban life and the rural countryside living. You can live in a city and still be surrounded by majestic mountains or take nature walks and trails to work. Growing up in a city wherein the park is my only refuge to experience nature, the vastness of wildlife in Canada lured me in without having to say a word. It has that perfect balance of being developed and still retain its connection with nature. We fell in love with this setting and immediately wanted to be part its community.

  1. Because immigration is easy.

Unlike other countries, Canada has an immigration program that is very reasonable and easy to understand. At first I planned on just being an expat and be on working visa, but then because I felt comfortable after a few weeks that things are generally easier in this part of the world. I did not want to be a tourist and not have all the benefits of a citizen, so we took advantage of their immigration program.

  1. Because it embraces a number of ethnicities.

This might be the best reason that made us appreciate Canada even more. Half of the population of developed cities in the country is comprised of individuals who were born in another country. It was a boiling pot of diversity, and when we saw how every individual is not hindered and are able to express their cultures, we were hooked. Living in Canada is like living in the world with no boundaries, we were able to see and experience what every ethnicity has to offer. This kind of diversity is what sets Canada apart from the rest, it embraces every human that wants to be part of its community.

These are the four reasons I can think of on why it became easy for us to decide on living in Canada. It might not be the case for you, but I’m sure you have your own story to tell. Moving to a new country does not mean you stop loving your original motherland, but it only means you are not being hindered by territorial boundaries and that the world is waiting to be explored.

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